Newburgh Peoples Chorus

Inspired by Newburgh's vibrant cultural heritage, rich church communities, and Resistance Revival Chorus , we are organizing Newburgh Peoples Chorus, a community-based chorus project. This chorus is an action of remembrance, solidarity, and empathy through music. We are calling all Newburgh citizens - no matter your level of musical ability and talent - to participate … Continue reading Newburgh Peoples Chorus


Urban Archive Arrives to Newburgh

Urban Archive is a location-based mobile platform that empowers New Yorkers to learn about history where it happened. Newburgh is the first city in the Hudson Valley region to digitize its archives to the platform. In the spirit of collaboration, Urban Archive brings together the digital collections of Newburgh’s archives in an easy-to-use resource built … Continue reading Urban Archive Arrives to Newburgh

Reframing Urban Renewal: Presentations & Discussion

Join us for a discussion about urban renewal in the Hudson Valley and exploring creative ways communities mobilize around contested landscapes. Featured panelists include Ben Schulman of Newburgh Packet, David Hochfelder and Anne Pfau of 98 acres and University of Albany, and artist, academic, and author of “Contested City,” Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani. This talk will provide … Continue reading Reframing Urban Renewal: Presentations & Discussion

Frederick Douglass: Barbershop Conversations

The “Frederick Douglass in Newburgh”project will plan a city-wide celebration for Frederick Douglass' visit to Newburgh in 1870 and the ratification of the 15th Amendment, granting African-American men the right to vote. The project committee, which includes the Fullerton Center, is organizing a series of events inspired by Frederick Douglass' legacy and contemporary issues of … Continue reading Frederick Douglass: Barbershop Conversations

Author Reading: Cassim Shepard

In Citymakers, Cassim Shepard offers a vivid survey of how urbanism today is no longer the domain of just planners, politicians, and power brokers removed from the effects of their decisions, but an array of citizens working at the vanguard of increasingly diverse practices, from community gardeners to architects to housing advocates.